The Benefits of The Beach, Indoors


Here in South Florida, the beach is a central point in our daily lives. Who doesn’t love laying on a towel at a quiet beach, reading a book to the sound of waves crashing against the shore? Or taking a dip in the cool, refreshing water that’s never too cold, even in the wintertime? And breathing in that salty air; there’s simply nothing better!

One of the biggest benefits of the beach is the salty air. Breathing in that crisp, ocean breeze can help decrease stress instantly. The secret is in the negatively charged ions, which are present in significantly higher levels in salty air. Now imagine that effect multiplied forty times over!  

We measure the concentration of salt particles in the air in our rooms.  Over the course of one minute there are over 800,000 particles of salt the size of 1 micron.  This is small enough to reach the lower respiratory system. At beach there are between 10,000 and 20,000 particles. The Salt Suite has 40 times more salt in the air than the beach. On top of that, it is dry salt, not wet like at the beach.  This allows the salt to reach deep down into the lungs.

Negative ions are molecules in nature that help increase immunity, aid in oxygen absorption, and help balance serotonin levels. They help to cancel out the detrimental effects of over-exposure to positive ions, or free radicals, which are often emitted from electronics. Increased exposure to natural, negative ions can help us feel more balanced and healthy. These ions are not just present at the beach, however, they can also be found in the salt coated rooms right here at The Salt Suite.

During a salt therapy session here with us, you can relax and listen to the quiet, peaceful sounds of nature on headsets that we provide. You can also bring your favorite novel and get some reading time in while breathing in the fresh, salty air. It’s all of the relaxation of the beach with 40 times the health benefits and relaxation! Book your session today! If it is your first time visiting us, you’ll receive a special 50% discount on your first session!