Summer Allergies

When you think of allergies, what season comes to mind? Spring is the most likely answer for many people all over the United States. Although allergies can strike any season for those that are sensitive to them, but there is one season that is particularly bad for sufferers. That would be summer.

Summer allergies can be a total pain to deal with. Summer is the time to get out and enjoy all that gorgeous weather, summer activities, holidays, and time spent with friends and family. If you are a sneezy, hot allergy mess, how in the world is that going to happen? You have to take some form of action to fight off summer allergens, that are just floating around the air in your vicinity with a vengeance.

Try Summer Halotherapy

You may need to try a way to non-medically improve your allergy issues during the summertime with some much needed halotherapy. This form of salt therapy is the perfect way to treat summertime allergens, that can make your sinuses and breathing a problem. Pain in the sinus area, stuffy nasal passages, and coughing can all be some of the symptoms of allergy issues you or a loved one might be experiencing. Headaches are also a serious problem, as well, brought on by the allergies attacking your immune system and the inflammation of your sinus area. That pounding pressure can be tough to deal with.

The Salt Suite® is more than happy to guide you in the right treatment plan at our facility to deal with your summer allergies in the right way. That’s how you are going to get significant relief, so you can enjoy all those beautiful moments of summer. No one wants to miss out on outdoor summer fun!

The Most Common Summer Allergens

Right now in June, July, and August the allergens you need to watch out for are pollen, mold, grass, and ragweed. It’s hard to avoid these since they are present in the environment around you, basically at all times. These flair up considerably during the warm, wet weather that those summer showers can bring to the air for the allergen count. Pollen is probably the number one most active of the allergens because it’s from all the flowering plants and trees in the Florida area.

To prevent allergens from getting in your eyes, always wear sunglasses when you are outdoors and as much as possible, shower off the minute you get home. This will allow you to wash away some of the air borne allergens that get on you when you are outside.

Commit To A Series Of Salt Therapy Appointments

In order to best treat your summer allergies, you can commit to coming to The Salt Suite® on a regular basis. Our relaxing and don’t forget temperature cool environment can not only improve your allergy symptoms, but it’s a break from the hot and humid temperatures the Florida sun can bring. You just sit back and relax during your 45 minute session in our salt rooms to get some relief.

Call us today to schedule your free consultation to find out all the ways salt therapy can knock out your allergy symptoms. With five locations to serve you in the South Florida area, there’s a The Salt Suite® practically right out your front door.

“During a typical adult session customers put their feet up in a comfortable leather chair rest or read and breathe in a dry salt aerosol. The micro particles are blown in the air by halo generators. In our separate children’s room kids play in a big sand box except with salt on the walls and floor and play while breathing in the dry salt air.”

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