The Origins of Halotherapy

You might think that Halotherapy or salt therapy is a relatively new type of alternative treatment since it’s showing up on more and more spa therapy menus. It’s not though, because it’s been around for centuries.

The first documented forms of Halotherapy were in Europe when the monks noticed that when they treated patients in salt caves their respiratory symptoms improved. In 1843 salt clinics were actually opened up in Poland by Dr. M Bojakowski after he read a book by Dr.Buchkowsky who wrote about how salt mining workers actually had less breathing problems then some other mining contemporaries who worked in coal or smoking environments where particle dust was an issue.

During World War II in German, salt mines were used as bomb shelters, and the people who were in those places found out that breathing in the salt dust helped the people with asthma problems. The Russians and Eastern Europeans in the 50’s and 60’s went even further in their findings to use salt rooms for actual Halotherapy treatments. “Hallo” is the greek word for salt. Socialized medicine was behind the funding of these special salt rooms which many people find helped their respiratory diseases.

Modern Halotherapy today has come a long way. Many wellness clinic, hospitals, and spas are utilizing salt as a super effective therapy treatment for a variety of different ailments, not just respiratory ones. Yoga and meditation is even being practiced in salt therapy rooms worldwide. It sounds like an uncomplicated way to breathe easier but it also has the benefits of being antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory. The benefits go on and on, and it’s truly an incredible way to treat your body well. Here a a few forms of the salt treatment.

  • Saline Solution Inhalations: This is in the form of a nasal spray.

  • Dry Salt Aerosol Inhalations: These can be pumped into a contained room to spread the salt particles around to better be inhaled into the body.

  • Irrigation and Lavage: Gargling or colonic irrigation.

  • Saline and Brine Baths: Natural or man made in a spa.

  • Taking the Waters (crenotherapy): Drinking specific concentration of salty water.

Check with your local wellness spa to see what they offer in the fantastic form of Halotherapy. Salt can do wonders for the body, and until you experience the results for yourself, you won’t know what it can truly do for you. Don’t be afraid to try this time tested treatment for a variety of what ails you, or someone you love.

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