Top Ten Cities with the Worst Pollution

Pollution is a serious issue all across America. There are quite a few cities that the problem is even worse than normal. Whether this is due to excessive vehicles in use, or the way the land is laid out that causes the problems, but if you have any number of respiratory conditions then this poor air quality might be causing your breathing problems. Halotherapy or salt therapy is an effective solution to help purify your lungs with regular treatments. Salt therapy has been used for centuries, and is very helpful to the entire circulatory system of the body. Salt itself is a compound that purifies by opening up the blood vessels that run through the entire body. It can truly improve your respiratory illness symptoms if you visit a spa that has Halotherapy as one of its services. If you live in one of these top ten cities with the worst pollution, then you should get to the spa right away. Lucky for you many are in California where a spa lifestyle is around every corner.

  1. Bakersfield, CA:
    The problem in this area is that agriculture along with strong winds kicks up a lot of dust and pesticides into the air.
  2. Los Angeles:
    The city of Angels is a devil when it comes to pollution. It’s due to the overabundance of cars and trucks on the superhighways, and most people don’t carpool.
  3. Phoenix, AZ:
    It’s easy for pollution to settle in this area due to the mountainous region, and low winds with very little rain.
  4. Hanford, CA:
    Part of the San Joaquin Valley of California, the pollution is bad here because of the lay of the land.
  5. Fresno, CA:
    Same problems exist for this sunny California town, lots of cars, factories, and very little break from the aggressive agriculture in place to grow food.
  6. Pittsburgh, PA:
    A factory town that is part of the Ohio River Valley which has many steel and coal mills that pollute the air.
  7. Birmingham, AL:
    Hazy, humid air with output from local factories is the reason for the poor air quality in this southern city.
  8. Cincinnati, OH:
    Also part of the Ohio River Valley, it’s practical to pollution from the factories and power plants that continue to cause smog to hover in the air making it hard for residents to breathe with respiratory problem.
  9. Louisville, KY:
    he landscape of this town is the problem because it creates a bowl like effect that keeps the pollution from dissipating.
  10. Modesto, CA:
    Poor California, there are just too many towns with poor air quality and high levels of pollution. At least it is sunny there most of the year.

Most of these town have regulations in place that are helping the pollution problems. Better air quality is a fine goal for most cities that we all need to support. In the meantime, getting regular Halotherapy or salt therapy can help some of the breathing problems a person might be experiencing if they live in one of these cities on the list.

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