Salt Around the World

Salt is truly one of the most miraculous minerals in the world. Not only are their majestic salt caves located in Russia, Poland, and the Ukraine, there are also a variety of edible salts that can be incorporated into a healthy diet. Different types of salt add flavor and taste to ordinary food that elevate it into something better. Richer and more exciting to say the least!

You have probably heard of your common iodized table salt, and kosher salts which are those chucky salt crystals perfect for cooking with, but did you know about other kinds as well? Here are a few salts from around the world to expand your salt palette, especially if you are a connoisseur of fine salts. Penzeys is a great spice store that offers a large variety of salts at their online web store if you are ready to step away from basic ordinary salt.

Fine Grey Sea Salt (Sel Gris)

 A smoky rich flavor permeates fine grey sea salt. It’s mainly harvested in France. You can also find it in larger coarse crystals that you can use in a grinder. It’s perfect for seasoning food after it’s cooked for an added flavor profile that you don’t get from regular salt. As a more moist salt, it’s heavier in nature so it’s best to use a light hand with it while you are cooking to avoid over salting your dishes.

Himalayan Pink Sea Salt

This comes from a mine in the Punjab region of Pakistan. It’s prized for its pretty larger crystals that are used often to brine different foods. You can also salt pack fish to cook it in this traditional mediterranean manner. The salt itself is pink because it has a higher iron oxidation than other salts.

Flake Salt (Fleur De Sal)

Thin, delicate flakes make up “flakey salt.” It’s a beautiful salt to finish off fine foods with, and sometimes you’ll even see flake salt atop chocolate truffles for a contradiction of flavors in one delicious bite. Normally it’s produced in specific regions around France like Camargue, and Noirmoutier.

Hawaiian Sea Salt

Also called Alaea salt, this is obviously from the beautiful islands surrounding Hawaii. It’s mixed with red algae volcanic clay to get that rich reddish brown color. Sometime’s it can be lighter pink as well to be mistaken for Himalayan salt, but the flavors are very different. This salt is more expensive with a more mellow salty taste experience. As a mineral rich salt, it’s very high in iron with a earthy flavor. It’s perfect for all sorts of grilled meats and vegetables.

Persian Blue Salt

Harvested from Iran, this natural rock salt salt is quite unusual with some properties of mineral richness that make it a little sweet. For gourmet cookies as a finishing salt it looks lovely on top due to it’s bright blue color. This is a fun salt to experiment with in your sweet and savory summer salad dishes.

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