As the leading provider of salt therapy or halotherapy in the Florida area, the Salt Suite is very aware of certain salt based mineral products that are on the market today. Some are terrific, while others you might want to stay away from. Mainly you want to look for products that contain all natural, organic salt. Here are a few products that contain mindful minerals that we love at the Salt Suite. Give some a try today in your own home to bring the benefits of this gorgeous mineral into your life.

A Salt Lamp

A salt lamp is a wonderful way to naturally cleanse the air in your home. Salt itself when it comes from a Himalayan salt source and combined with light can make home decor with added benefits. Stay with me here, this is going to get a little “sciencey”, but the way the lamp work is by absorbing water and particles from the air around you. Then it releases water vapor back into the air and expels negative ions, essentially scrubbing the air. Not that the air in your home is necessarily dirty, but common household things like air vents, carpets, and pet dander can get trapped into the air in your home, making it hard to breathe. Those are some of the common sources of allergens in the home. That’s why salt lamps in a few different rooms can do wonders for your in home air quality.

Plus, people love how they look all warm and glowing. Just make sure the one you purchase is 100 percent pure himalayan sea salt in one solid form, like this one here from Deluxe Comfort.

Salt Based Candles

Crystal rock salt candles are another mineral based product that you can put around your home. Take some in the bath room with you for a bath experience like no other. They emit a calming energy and also beneficial negative ions in the air that cancel out allergens. It’s like having your own ionizer right in your home. Once again make sure the ones you purchase are truly 100 percent all natural Himalayan pink sea salt for the best mineral results.

Salt Spa and Bath Products

When you use mineral based salt treatments, it’s like having a spa in your own home. Soaking in dead sea salts can do wonder for various skin conditions, like eczema, psoriasis, and dry skin. This kind of therapy is actually called balneotherapy. Warm water mixed with minerals salts to produce a healing bath treatment.

 You can also use sea salts to scrub the skin for an exfoliation treatment that can soothe and smooth out rough texture on all parts of the skin’s surface. This also allows the skin to receive beneficial moisture better. Here is a perfect homemade salt scrub that’s easy to make on your own.

“During a typical adult session customers put their feet up in a comfortable leather chair rest or read and breathe in a dry salt aerosol. The micro particles are blown in the air by halo generators. In our separate children’s room kids play in a big sand box except with salt on the walls and floor and play while breathing in the dry salt air.”

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