Why ThE Salt Suite?


The Salt Suite Has a Mission You Can Stand Behind

The Mission

We are driven to provide the highest level of service while helping our customers find natural relief for their sinus and respiratory conditions. We are determined to be the industry leader in Salt Therapy and we expect to be a contribution to the communities we serve, to offer a valuable service to our customers, and to be a place where our customers can heal, relax and breathe easy.


The Salt Suite is designed to be a special place. It is a center for wellness and relaxation. It is a place where customers come to heal… to feel good… to breathe. In creating this therapeutic haven, every care was taken to ensure a calm, comfortable environment for all who receive treatment at the Salt Suite facilities. Its clients and their well-being are of utmost importance at Salt Suite and each person is treated with kindness and courtesy with a dedication to make sure they always feel welcome.

When clients enter the adult and kids Salt Suites, they see that the floor and walls are covered in salt. This creates an environment free of negative ions and bacteria. Once the client is comfortable, the generator turns on and the client begins breathing in the healing salt aerosol. The dry salt aerosol is an extremely fine dry mist and hardly noticeable.

Salt Suite offers salon owners and entrepreneurs everywhere a successful turnkey operation to using salt therapy techniques, products and equipment. Salt Suite has outlined an extensive training program where they provide the knowledge necessary to succeed with Salt Suite methods in their local markets.

Concept & Facilities Review

The business model is simple, which allows for quick and efficient duplication of the business system. A typical location is about 1,400 square feet, but can range from 1,200 – 1,600 square feet depending on the location and the number of rooms. The business model will typically fit into a strip center location. The foot traffic and “anchors” that are close to the location will have an impact on the success of the operation as well. It is critical to the success of the Salt Suite franchise that new franchise partners abide by the strict process and policy in place for finding and approving locations for new operators. Salt Suite Management will oversee new franchisee-location acquisition and managing the negotiations of leases and business terms for the real estate.

Time to look into The Salt Suite Franchise!

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